Great service these guys really helped me out.

-John D

Tested a boat alternator and returned it as good one. They are honest and use superb parts to re-manufacture your part with a guarantee.

-JoAnn B

Absolutely the most helpful and experienced rebuild shop in west texas hands down!

-Mike V.


Is your car battery losing juice? You can count on C&H Generator Shop to repair or rebuild your alternator.


Rev up your engine with starter repairs from C&H Generator Shop. Call us today at 806-744-1914.

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Let's get your vehicle back up and running. Get in touch with us today for alternator and starter repairs.


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Take Charge of Your Car Battery Problems

Get your wheels turning again at C&H Generator Shop

Your car is your pride and joy. Even if it's a 20-year-old clunker, it's still your four-wheeled baby. Treat your car like the hardworking machine that it is when you bring it into C&H Generator Shop in Lubbock, TX.

Why should you trust us? Well, we've been in business since World War II. The auto industry has changed a lot in the decades since then, and so has the way cars are built. We've been here to witness it all. That's how we're able to fix your car generator, no matter how old or new it is. Call us today.

Are you wondering, "Do I really need an alternator rebuild?"

Car troubles come in all shapes in sizes. So how do you know if you need an alternator rebuild? You might need alternator repairs or replacement if:

  • Your headlights are too dim or too bright.
  • Your "ALT" or "GEN" warning light is on.
  • You hear a growling noise from your engine.
  • You smell burning rubber or hot metal.
  • Your car battery is weak or dead.

If you're experiencing any of these problems, bring your car into C&H Generator Shop as soon as possible. Do you want to stop engine problems in their tracks? We also offer alternator maintenance in Lubbock, TX. Call 806-744-1914 today for more information.

Are starter problems just the start of your problems?

You might be familiar with this problem: you keep cranking and cranking your car engine, but it just won't start. You don't think it's a battery problem because your car battery is brand new. So what could it be? You might need starter repairs.

If this is the case, call C&H Generator Shop in Lubbock, TX today. We'll get you back on the road.

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