Get Your Wheels Turning With Alternator Repair

Get Your Wheels Turning With Alternator Repair

Let C&H Generator Shop rebuild your alternator

Are you having trouble starting your car? If you think your battery's toast, that might not be the case. You could be having alternator problems. Call C&H Generator Shop in Lubbock, Texas and we'll rebuild your alternator.

Why should you bring your car to our shop? We understand that the quality of the products put into your alternator will keep it running longer. That's why we use only the highest-quality metals in your car. Call us today at 806-744-1914 for more information.

Stop alternator problems in their tracks with maintenance

When you bought your car, you made it a promise: that you would take care of it with regular maintenance at every important mile mark. When you hit 70,000 miles, it's time to consider investing in alternator maintenance.

Guarantee the life of your alternator when you work with C&H Generator Shop. You can trust us to provide preventive maintenance to your alternator by replacing your brushes, checking your regulator and testing your bearings. Call us today to learn more about alternator maintenance.

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