Having Car Problems? Don't Start From Scratch.

Having Car Problems? Don't Start From Scratch.

Is your car's starter giving out on you?

Your car is a complicated machine that depends on the functionality of many parts to get going. If your car is acting up on you, you might not know where to start. How about you start with the starter? You might need starter repairs if:

  • You hear a grinding noise while you're driving.
  • You hear a whining noise when you try to start your car.
  • You see smoke upon starting your engine.
  • Your engine is cranking, but it doesn't start.

Do you need starter repairs in Lubbock, Texas? Call C&H Generator Shop for more information.

Fix or maintain your starter at C&H Generator Shop

If you think there's a problem with your car starter, bring it in to C&H Generator Shop and we'll see what the matter is. Our job is to get you back on the road fast. That's why you can depend on us for a quick starter repair. Call us today at 806-744-1914 for more information.

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